Wednesday, February 02, 2011

John Dorman art

My friend John Dorman recently passed away. Many in the industry knew him. Everyone had a story. Not much of his work exists online, but he did give me a few pieces that we were going to use in a book called Cartoon Concept Design. It was going to feature John Dorman as well as a number of very talented artists from the industry. Here are some of John's temp pages:

John Dorman (1952-2011)

John Dorman had worked in animation since 1974, primarily as a board artist, designer and art director. At Ruby-Spears, he supervised the development department where he brought on greats like Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, and Doug Wildey. His list of credits range from Ralph Bakshi’s Hey Good Lookin’ to Spumco’s The Ripping Friends to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas.