Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been working like crazy on my two new comics. WARLASH and UNDEAD EVIL.

here are some pics to WARLASH

Cover is by Ben Olson

Interior art by Alek Sotirovski

Colors by Milan Antanasijevich


Sparky said...

So, basically, Frank...Warlash, your brainchild from over a decade ago (in which you did the artwork) is about to launch. Great. I think I prefer your art, but I have a fondness for folks from the "old stomping ground" of the "People's Republic of Connecticut". The art looks solid and your writing is, as always, perfect. I can't wait for this to ship and I especially can't wait until you get a film treatment and maybe I can come to opening night (I would sneak through the bathroom window since you would never be seen in public with a corpse-mloester like me).

Sparky said...

Dear mister frank fort. As I well on the way to being rehabilited and no longer pose a risk to society, can you give me a job?



Sparky said...

Dear Frank Fort (the "e" is silent). Nice fuckin' "View my profile"! Lots of info there, dude. I was trying to see if you are the Frank Fort that used to eat sushi in Water-clown and complain that I went to poke-kip-see to collage[sic] whilst you were forced into child labour somewhere in France (that pussy cunt-tree).

Sparky said...

Oh, and I worked for HBO in NYC. Who am I?

HBO=Human Body Oragami

P.S. I have a very small penis.

katzenjammer studios said...

hahaha. this looks intense. is this book gonna be around comic-con? or do we have to find it at local comic book stores?