Friday, July 15, 2016

Clarence Strut Limited Edition Strut Print by Frank Forte -pre-order by 7/27/2016

Hey have you guys seen the new Cartoon Network Collective store? They are letting artists do their interpretations of CN characters.

so they commissioned a limited edition piece from me for CLARENCE

Clarence Strut Limited Edition Strut Print by Frank Forte -

It's a 3-color print--printed on a heavy stock

The limited edition print will only be available until 7/27/2016--after that they will print to the orders and never print again.


Here's the official press release

[b]Cartoon Network Enterprises Gives Fans New E-Tail Experience with Launch of Cartoon Network Collective

Exclusive e-commerce Program Features Popular Artist’s Interpretations of Cartoon Network Hit Animated Series[/b]

Cartoon Network Enterprises (CNE), the prolific consumer products arm of Cartoon Network, announced

today the launch of The Cartoon Network Collective (The Collective), an exclusive limited-edition product

offering linking some of today’s most celebrated artists to Cartoon Network Original Series. The

Collective, which will live exclusively on Cartoon Network Shop, is a collaboration between CNE, current

Cartoon Network Shop licensee Bolder Road, and the newly-formed Horizon Line Studios.

Created specifically to serve a growing group of savvy collectors and Cartoon Network fans, The

Collective’s launch offering includes designs from ten different artists and will be featured in an array of

highly curated products including limited edition posters, apparel, phone cases, high-end notebooks and

more. Each month, the collection will be refreshed and new artists will present their interpretations of

Cartoon Network Original Series.

“Cartoon Network has some of the most loyal, dedicated, and discerning fans out there”, said Pete Yoder,

Vice President, Cartoon Network Enterprises. “The Collective provides an opportunity for our fans to

acquire never-before- seen, exclusive network product interpreted through some of today’s most talented


In addition to the product offering, The Collective will also feature interviews with each of the artists as

well as behind-the- scenes content from some of Cartoon Network’s hit shows.

“This is an exciting time to be in entertainment because pop culture has permeated so many aspects of

our lives,” said Rick Blanco, CEO and Creative Director, Horizon Line Studios “The Cartoon Network

Collective will be more than a store - - it will be a community that will offer fans and collectors a new way

to engage with their favorite brands.”

The first collection features 11 different pieces of art and launches June, 2016. Artists selected to

participate, and their brand interpretations are listed below. Contributions from Missy Pena (Steven

Universe) and Anthony Petrie (Over the Garden Wall) will be the first available.

Jason Edmiston, Mahendra Singh, and MAKO – Adventure Time

Missy Pena, Ty Mattson – Steven Universe

Miranda Dressler, Louie Zong - We Bare Bears

Frank Forte - Clarence

MAKO – Regular Show

Anthony Petrie – Over the Garden Wall

CHOGRIN – Dexter’s Laboratory


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